Hammer is a new company

Are you sick of search engines returning "news", ads, and SEO spam when you wanted information?

If this is you, you need a Hammer. The world needs a Hammer.

Our mission:

"To organize the world's information and make it accessible to anyone who pays Hammer $30/month"

Our motto:

"Don't be evil. And if we ever remove this motto, it's because we are evil now."

Our slogan:

"Better search, better results. Hammer"

Proposed funding model:

How many people would sign up for this service a year before it exists?
If I believed it would happen, I know I would.
Could we get 1000? If so, this might be doable to bootstrap.
You would get a "True Believer" badge for life in your account.

Seeking applications for the following role(s):

Founder (cause I never want to start another company)
* Must agree to an "Unbreakable Vow" of never becoming evil.
* Must have mad infrastructure skills cause otherwise how could you know who to hire?

Got several job applications already, but none for the one position Hammer is hiring for.
If you are looking for a SW eng job at a similar vibe of company, consider applying to comma.

Why now?

Modern language model tech has made really good search possible.
Who will build something that is good and not just one big ad?



a nice song about hammers